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Life is a Bitch.... Right?.
By: Ticket
129 Listens
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Nice work as always Tick, whole concept and execution was dope.
Posted By: IV - 2013-01-01

Posted By: RELLE - 2013-01-01

Probably the best approach in this circumstance.
Posted By: J u s T C - 2013-01-01

Tick one of the best to bless Letsbeef and I'm far from a dickrider I give props where its due and Ticks creative when he disses and has punchlines for days when he drops punchlined disses this was nice
Posted By: Mr-Felon - 2013-01-01

Thanks Felon, I went for wordplay, some lines but mostly truth from his tracks... I haven't really dropped a punch after punch diss for a while I should sometime it might be fun
Posted By: Ticket - 2013-01-01

damn.... err body got they vices... this is wild... crazy part its a diss but I'm like nodding at the chorus... haha... damn... starting the year off right... the whole kill em with truth approach is dope... even make me feel a lil bad for dude honestly dope shit bruh
Posted By: Phil Banks - 2013-01-01

Dope Shit Right Here...See yall still Kickin dude around......Damn G.....
Posted By: FeRnO - 2013-01-01

yeah i was sayin when you do drop punchlined disses this was more on some real talk from a stand point type diss
Posted By: Mr-Felon - 2013-01-01

this was pretty dope kind of dug the way you came on this
Posted By: METH_BARZ - 2013-01-01

def a 'WALK WITH ME TALK WITH ME' kinda diss. good job yo
Posted By: Letum - 2013-01-01

Shit lyrical too tho just got listen for the wordplay... all this shit 100 based on dudes life tho.. he knows that shit too....
Posted By: Ticket - 2013-01-01

Doooooope, quality was crack too.
Posted By: AfterThought - 2013-01-01

OG Ticket
Posted By: Dexter3 - 2013-01-01

creative.. but you cant make a full a picture with a few pieces of a puzzle and things that just dont fit, lmao.. a for effort.
Posted By: John J - 2013-01-02

well.. thats an instant k.o
Posted By: FiNAL WoRD - 2013-01-02

Posted By: Saint-Cizzle - 2013-01-02

Shits Dope
Posted By: D3FIANCE - 2013-01-02

its not a ko and its not ''Ouchers'' lmfao.... i been on this earth 29 years .. you cant take a line here and a line there and say thats what hes all about today... it was creative tho... its not the whole picture
Posted By: John J - 2013-01-02

aiight i listend to all the diss tracks in this beef and I think this one is probably the best one. Ticket u used a good angle with the delievery, a stand back and lay it out on the table type of style. John J went pretty hard on the comedic and aggresive tip but i feel this one had more of a darker, get under your skin type of sound to it. I dont know the facts about any of you 2 with the whole background shit but as far as the dissing, and the feel to the song, this one was official.
Posted By: LunaticK - 2013-01-02

I appreciate that Luna, real talk. Putting old shit aside and giving me your opinion is respectable... thanks.
Posted By: Ticket - 2013-01-02

Yup ^
Posted By: LunaticK - 2013-01-02

this was pretty nice tick, this is the 3rd 1 ive listened 2 now and the multis were there but didnt really get any heavy punches and for the first time u kinda droned on (i no dudes say that 2 u alot but its not hate here) not that the verses werent well structured, just energy was missing. this was a joe buddens track approach 2 a diss, which is cool but it just wasnt THAT good, still gotta go 10 coz its not worthy a point drop from the other 2s tracks but i just wasnt feeling this 1 much.
Posted By: Boss-MC - 2013-01-03

Killed it. Flow n lyrics went hard, hook was dope too.
Posted By: Wigsplit - 2013-01-03

monii you need to go... fuck outta here already with your stupid comments all over the place.. Well tic.. this pretty much what plp was saying... we both drop a final track and move on... The truth, if you never played your game we would have never beef'ed ... i remember b4 i came back on this site we was netural... and like i said in the comments on (the truth) i said you would make a track with a bunch of made up shit.... now the track you twisted about my kid had a pretty clear hook... ''' dont worry about the game plan.. cause baby im a changed man''' so what you did was just creative.. not real... .. final track to you is up... im done with this whole net beef bull shit... happy new year.. keep it moveing... oh and phil banks you still a fucking fucking terrorist.. pussy
Posted By: John J - 2013-01-04

lol dud isn't even from Afghanistan though and not every muslim or dude from the middle east is a terrorist just saying bro cause if that was the cause then you better call homeland security for every arab that works in a corner store
Posted By: METH_BARZ - 2013-01-04

yea hook was shining on here bars galore gd beef
Posted By: Stotty Pimpin - 2013-01-04

Lol dope haha.
Posted By: Phoenix - 2013-01-05

Heard this the other day, forgot to rate. Just like I always said, tick ain't no joke wit punches and flows mad comfortable. Got that style on lock. This beef is making lb pop so hope yall keep it up lol 10
Posted By: $ha-Money - 2013-01-07

Really liked the lyrics in the hook too
Posted By: $ha-Money - 2013-01-07

The GOAT. There is no better track maker on the site. Especially diss tracks, dudes on another level. I gotta cold just listening to this shit. Ill.
Posted By: RULE - 2013-01-08

when your prides involved.... Dude you are the best. I think you know that.
Posted By: Heavythoughtz - 2013-07-16

Posted By: K$Love - 2013-12-08

tickets the sickest
Posted By: 127839764 - 2014-02-26

Was feeling this nice track
Posted By: Proctologist - 2014-10-22

I see you my G
Posted By: Haz - 2015-01-20

FUCK. This went in like something crazy. RIP to whoever this was targeted at.
Posted By: Rieper - 2019-02-24

Rieper: 10
AfterThought: 10
FiNAL WoRD: 10
Wigsplit: 10
Letum: 10
Phoenix: 10
Saint-Cizzle: 10
Phil Banks: 10
127839764: 10
J u s T C: 10
IV: 10
Stotty Pimpin: 10
LunaticK: 10
FeRnO: 10
Boss-MC: 10
Heavythoughtz: 10
Mr-Felon: 10
Dexter3: 10
RULE: 10
$ha-Money: 10
Proctologist: 9
Haz: 9
K$Love: 9

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