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Everetts Closed Casket(Muggz DISS).
By: Mr-Felon
227 Listens
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5 mins of your time please thanks
Posted By: Mr-Felon - 2014-01-16

LMAO well Mr Felon didnt dissapoint...many quotables on this, sick word play and that acc at the end was the topping...when Felon drop a diss he never comes half ass he went in on this. 10z
Posted By: EL BASTARD - 2014-01-16

5 minutes of my time was worth it lol!
Posted By: Moni - 2014-01-16

Intro had me brought that heat..Doin Wat he does best..."How you black and cant ride a beat"....lmaoooo
Posted By: FeRnO - 2014-01-16

moni, you legal or statues?
Posted By: Florida44 - 2014-01-16

statues, smh
Posted By: Florida44 - 2014-01-16

Lmfao damn somebody got bodiiiiiied actin froggy got a knife to his stomach,you can't stop this felon you not robocop dam so many lines
Posted By: Evil Stew Beef - 2014-01-16

Wheres Everett I know you heard this
Posted By: Mr-Felon - 2014-01-16

Lol.. Uhhh Ohhh Felon done dusted off that mic.... 10s
Posted By: ~YuNg~ - 2014-01-16

Kept me entertained.
Posted By: Higgs Bosson - 2014-01-16

Lmfaoooo..... Felon back killin fools lol many funny ass shots .... Always enjoyed felons disses... Murda period .... Imma relisten tonight shit had me rollin lmao... Ez win ez dime
Posted By: BENSON THA GREAT - 2014-01-17

Took two weeks for this? I knew u was a waste of time...
Posted By: Joe MuGGz - 2014-01-17

Lol, this was dope Intro had me rollin.. G'ish Felon.
Posted By: D3FIANCE - 2014-01-17

this was dope G.. many quotables.. beat is fire.. sound is quality no doubt.. intro was funny.. you always cutting those competitors up.. dimed
Posted By: WHITZ - 2014-01-17

not bad but u sounded like u were talking to much even with a beat. hold up hold up hold up u have a belt.. what is lets beef coming to giving anybody belts you only get a 9 cuz it was 5 mins other than that u know what it is
Posted By: J30 - 2014-01-18

Funny thing is most the Personals all his"Homeboys" gave me hahah some "homies" huh?
Posted By: Mr-Felon - 2014-01-18

lol not gonna lie this was entertaining, lines were on point, flow was ait, but the lines n personals were dope... how you black n still cant ride a beat lol
Posted By: Erupt - 2014-01-18

A bit creative ...hmmm!!! muggz r u about to put the mic in the microwave?
Posted By: DJ WENJAY - 2014-01-19

I'm gonna be honest and give you a fair rate, unlike the rest of these dick riding fan boys. This diss track was almost completely reliant on a bunch of production gimmicks. Your lyrical content was not that impressive, especially the sub par acapella bit at the end. At times you failed to ride the beat well. You seem to have a big head about your craft, and I'm sure it doesn't help that you have fools dropping 10 rates on sloppy tracks like this instead of being appropriately critical towards you. Fair rate in. PM for more expo if needed.
Posted By: FreeK - 2014-01-21

Eh, I highly doubt you're better than Muggz...This wacc tracc is proof.
Posted By: UhhMAZING - 2014-01-22

Good looks on all the plays comments and HATE!
Posted By: Mr-Felon - 2014-01-23

I wasn't feeling the first 0:50, but the rest was really good!
Posted By: Arakari - 2014-01-23

too long first hafe was my fav second hafe fell off no hate good track . I feel like this would be funny'er if I know who muggz is
Posted By: -ToNiC- - 2014-01-23

That's wassup
Posted By: Sixshots - 2014-01-23

Posted By: Sixshots - 2014-01-23

Very good track but Muggz my friend.
Posted By: Proctologist - 2014-01-26

lmao at the dude sayin a 5 min song too long but he on Lb 24/7
Posted By: Mr-Felon - 2014-01-27

dam felon still at it. should have left the intro out. you def got the same formula. did muggy respond? I'll give this 8 out of 10. not bad.
Posted By: Mic-Check - 2014-01-29

Killed em!
Posted By: Mizz Murdder - 2014-01-30

Shit was horrible. .....i hate when garbage ass wanna be rappers try hard........even tho this old keep real niggaz names out ya mouth bum ass nigga
Posted By: ALL-BORO - 2015-03-20

i gave a 10 just for the intro alone haha this was a solid diss though i enjoyed the listen and a couple lines had me rollin.
Posted By: Skilly da Kidd - 2015-04-07

Can't believe this 3 yrs old damn.I been awayva few years.
Posted By: Mr-Felon - 2017-03-19

lol still brutal after all this time!
Posted By: EL BASTARD - 2017-04-09

lol still brutal after all this time!
Posted By: EL BASTARD - 2017-04-09

Higgs Bosson: 10
~YuNg~: 10
Moni: 10
Erupt: 10
Mizz Murdder: 10
Skilly da Kidd: 10
FeRnO: 10
J30: 9
Arakari: 9
Sixshots: 8
Mic-Check: 8
Proctologist: 8
-ToNiC-: 7
FreeK: 6

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