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Amikay vs Skilly da Kidd
Style: Freestyle
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Amikay vs DifferentChild
Style: Freestyle
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Amikay vs RhymeClops
Style: Freestyle
2 Votes 2.875 stars2.875 stars2.875 stars2.875 stars2.875 stars
BnasBnas is on FIRE! 5+ wins in a row! vs SynicTWS
Style: Freestyle Blind Drop
2 Votes 2.75 stars2.75 stars2.75 stars2.75 stars2.75 stars
JohnBsmooth vs SynicTWS
Style: Freestyle
2 Votes 3.125 stars3.125 stars3.125 stars3.125 stars3.125 stars
Amikay vs SynicTWS
Style: Freestyle
2 Votes 2.875 stars2.875 stars2.875 stars2.875 stars2.875 stars
SynicTWS vs BnasBnas is on FIRE! 5+ wins in a row!
Style: Freestyle
1 Vote 2.75 stars2.75 stars2.75 stars2.75 stars2.75 stars
PeaceandLaug... vs JohnBsmooth
Style: Freestyle
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Since You Been Gone (Punk Diss).
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Really liked this because it's clean and simple. Think you could have done with a bit more venom towards him personally but other than that, really dope.
Posted By: Stimpak - 2019-07-15

White people saying the N word. This is what hip-hop is all about.
Posted By: REZN - 2019-07-15

Bodybags punk gonna need a heavy response to compete with this hate
Posted By: Stotty Pimpin - 2019-07-15

Ugh... Salute to da God Boro.
Posted By: Joe MuGGz - 2019-07-15

Shits fire can’t even flex. I’ll have a response. Haha
Posted By: Rowdy Punk - 2019-07-15

From the production to the delivery this track bangs. #BodyBaggedByBars
Posted By: D.A B.L.O.C.K - 2019-07-15

This is heat, good shit looking forward to the response.
Posted By: Kompz - 2019-07-15

this is dope this make the site worth visiting
Posted By: Phil Banks - 2019-07-15

Posted By: Pugz - 2019-07-16

ohhh weeee first shot lands flush. Im ready for the full 12 rounds of this beef. 1/
Posted By: RULE - 2019-07-16

very good track can't cap. but when there's a jab a haymaker follows, watch out for punk's response..
Posted By: Bape - 2019-07-16

Once again, dope shit Boro 🔥🔥🔥🔥 ..... #Salute family
Posted By: Real Talk - 2019-07-16

Dopest diss track in years. Good shit, BORO
Posted By: Rai - 2019-07-16

Yo this shit slaps no doubt. I'm business minded and you should mind your business was crack. Fantastic shit Boro. Cant front.
Posted By: Will Sniff - 2019-07-16

Oh lord! 10 thousand! Fv, vb.
Posted By: Skilly da Kidd - 2019-07-17

opening it up on em. i dont know the other dude, but boro aint never been for play.
Posted By: Danger Rich - 2019-07-17

Well damn...THIS WAS HEAVY! Delivery was very potent, lyrics were very well written, beat selection was great!! NYC stand the fuck up!! 10s and downloaded!
Posted By: OGTookMySoul - 2019-07-18

Posted By: Flow Colombo - 2019-07-18

Boro is clearly not one to fuck with. Barz for days in this.
Posted By: Snake Emoji Cizzle - 2019-07-18

yo this was smooth af. Punchlines and delivery was on point! I look forward to hearing more music from you.
Posted By: BizzyOne - 2019-07-19

the lyricism is always crispy... track is clean as hell too
Posted By: Yung FokuZD - 2019-07-20

the lyricism is always crispy... track is clean as hell too
Posted By: Yung FokuZD - 2019-07-20

"All that salt in your heart you'll die from Sodium and Imma help that shit go down like Immodium"Damn.Grimey New York style and Flow bars.10.Had to log back in just for this lol.
Posted By: Mr-Felon - 2019-07-20

man that's pure fire am actually speechless that's all i can say
Posted By: 2o3a - 2019-07-20

Well put together! From the Dirty Harry intro to the "punks jump up and get beat down" line, this was a custom made body. Good shit!
Posted By: NOBLE - 2019-07-20

Yeah man...This shyt straight 🔥FIRE🔥 Again BORO dosen't fail to impress...
Posted By: XxTRUTHxX - 2019-07-21

A beautiful killin. ILL joint here Boro 100!!
Posted By: WHITZ - 2019-07-22

Not even fair really....boro a beast with it....
Posted By: Interp - 2019-07-22

I really enjoyed this, it felt smooth but aggressive and got me really excited to see where this goes. Dope track.
Posted By: Kiwi Peewee - 2019-07-24

CLEAN AF bro.. production soundin sick and flow smooth.. respect!
Posted By: TRE of WAR - 2019-07-24

This shit was hella classy and I fucks with it! Killer track All-Boro
Posted By: B a r z o o k a - 2019-07-24

This was Super Ugly + The Takeover right here. Production was crisp, shit sounded effortless.
Posted By: SIXX-SHOTT - 2019-07-28

some real shit
Posted By: Tyrone70 - 2019-07-30

Stadium wave
Posted By: O_G - 2019-08-03

All-Boro bringing that far like always. non-stop punches all through out the track.
Posted By: ~YuNg~ - 2019-08-05

Nice production, sick flow! Dont stop what you doing!
Posted By: Sony - 2019-08-13

Dope flow, steady pace punch packed! Dope show famz stay up
Posted By: Doc T - 2019-09-29

This is probably one of the best tracks on the site, I think the chorus on this is wrong for the track but the beat itself is fkn fire if that makes any sense. The bars are dope and delivered nice. Overall a great battle great work!

Posted By: IIAM - 2020-01-14

The beat was dope, flow was on point. Lyrics was nicely crafted with a lot of good punches, nice diss track. 

Posted By: UhMAZING - 2020-03-14

NYC stand up ! Wooooooo

Posted By: DaMostH8ed - 2020-06-30

Pugz: 10
Phil Banks: 10
~YuNg~: 10
BizzyOne: 10
Bape: 10
B a r z o o k a: 10
Rai: 10
Kompz: 10
Kiwi Peewee: 10
Rowdy Punk: 10
Snake Emoji Cizzle: 10
Stimpak: 10
Will Sniff: 10
Flow Colombo: 10
DaMostH8ed: 10
D.A B.L.O.C.K: 10
Danger Rich: 10
Real Talk: 10
Doc T: 10
Stotty Pimpin: 10
Joe MuGGz: 10
Yung FokuZD: 10
Sony: 10
Tyrone70: 10
TRE of WAR: 10
Skilly da Kidd: 10
Interp: 10
Mr-Felon: 10
RULE: 10
OGTookMySoul: 10
2o3a: 9
O_G: 9

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