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Top Section Deleted
For what its worth (Stot and Ticket).
By: MacG
112 Listens
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mac a fool for this one, crazy how much dude hates me now lol hook is real talk...shout out to mac, and ticket killed this, wus prolly the first to give dude the props he deserved, ez
Posted By: Stotty Pimpin - 2011-08-25

Hates you? 4 years of friendship can be erased by a 30 second text beef? No way sir. You are the hardest working man in Lets Beefniss. Respect to both Stot and Ticket.
Posted By: MacG - 2011-08-25

Posted By: D3FIANCE - 2011-08-25

Whats up MacG, I don't hate you Stot, and my verse on this was ASSSSS....
Posted By: Ticket - 2011-08-25

Very good to hear my boy Mac on LB. Bless us with some new shit man.
Posted By: kursive - 2011-08-25

real tight yall .. i agree wit Kurs .. time to bless our ears with some new shit Mac!!same for tick ... won't say it to pimpin coz Stot still doin it ... give somethin to hear yall!!
Posted By: ZEE_DA_OUTLAW - 2011-08-25

Man I would love to hear new shit from Mac.. Everybody did good on this but Mac got that ear candy
Posted By: Anonymity - 2011-08-25

Sick track everybodys verse was fire. Many dope bars on this. 10z
Posted By: EL BASTARD - 2011-08-25

10 ez..stotty was ill...tick was nice as well...hook was nice, mac killed it. see the sky thru a prism...damn.. FOUNDATION
Posted By: Exrae - 2011-08-26

fucking dope track, the chinatown line was funny.
Posted By: Barz© - 2011-08-26

Co sign kurs, Kill something new mac!!!!!!!!!!!; Back to track... Ill collabo here; Never heard this b4...Ish came dopely .. . Pufpuff pass the dime bag and sip sip on something something as well.. .FOUNDATION
Posted By: -Marz- - 2011-08-26

This must be late 07.
Posted By: Willy Grubz - 2011-08-26

I remember this........ That aint Stot and Mac, thats Willy makin them silly voices again!!...... Lol Tick off beat like a mutha fucka.......... Just shows how much you've progressed since though. Best part was Macs acapella that shit was pretty piffy... I liked Stots Hook too. Tick got stronger as his verse reached the end......This shits like supa old.... 10's alround for the memories
Posted By: Just C - 2011-08-26

This shit bumps nice, all three did there thing, respect boys
Posted By: Big-Ez - 2012-02-12

mad lrycal plain and simple
Posted By: $ha-Money - 2012-02-12

Haven't Really checked the Audio track side in a While but this track was Fire good job
Posted By: Proctologist - 2017-08-26

Willy Grubz: 10
Big-Ez: 10
Barz©: 10
Anonymity: 10
Just C: 10
Exrae: 10
kursive: 10
-Marz-: 10
Stotty Pimpin: 10
$ha-Money: 10
Proctologist: 9

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