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Audacity8787 vs lynwood shame
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Audacity8787 vs lynwood shame
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Knockout Punch!.
By: Real Talk
443 Listens
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good shit
Posted By: 4fifth - 2007-07-15

cold fam cold
Posted By: Tyler-Pheonix - 2007-07-15

cold nice shit~~
Posted By: Violent Ty - 2007-07-15

*Puff Puff Pass**Another(What)**Another Masterpiece By Real Talk**Put On Ya Gloves*..............O.E.1.Kanobe......................(Oh Yeah)iAm Great
Posted By: OLDE ENGLISH - 2007-07-15

flow like phone sex...FUCK WAT U HERD! LMFAO 10!! Ez!
Posted By: SpleNDiD - 2007-07-15

this shit is bkangin REAL MOTHA FUCCEN TALK!!!!!!~10~
Posted By: Troubled Lyfe - 2007-07-15

Whoa! Yall already know what This gettin...Talk Im Feelin This one me Nig...And That beat Bananas!!
Posted By: Roe - 2007-07-15

Simply sick. 10
Posted By: Apes - 2007-07-15

Posted By: AYVEE - 2007-07-15

nice likin dat beat man
Posted By: dj2099 - 2007-07-15

another hit....10ez!
Posted By: Joe MuGGz - 2007-07-15

10 u kno.
Posted By: Illimit - 2007-07-15

HOT TACK and HOT BEAT ayo ya'll check out dis site i made
Posted By: Tha Blood - 2007-07-15

damnnn 10 sick ass shit
Posted By: RoothLess - 2007-07-15

THIS SHIT WAS HOT. LRYICS 10, BEAT 10, HOOK..10.....WAT ELSE CAN I SAY?.................10
Posted By: Mr Millz - 2007-07-15

10-lyrical fire. -1-
Posted By: DL1 - 2007-07-15

straight up 10 nothin' less, shits straight fiya no lie.
Posted By: Tha_Juggaknot - 2007-07-16

Fuck what ya heard...dat shits creative as fuck...hahaha...10
Posted By: K-nine - 2007-07-17

shitz ill 10 my dude u no this east side aded
Posted By: lyricalscience - 2007-07-18

shitz ill 10 my dude u no this east side aded
Posted By: lyricalscience - 2007-07-18

fucking sick as fuck dat hot shit 10 50x over u need to get a deal seriously
Posted By: NiXWoN - 2007-07-19

ma dude this shit is piffery, imma be coming out wit like 100 tracks in a minute no joke i aint been on in a month so im dropping a bunch of shit i need a couple verses from you
Posted By: JthaFresh - 2007-07-20

Yo dat real talk cat is sick in everything, rather if its, text, audio, or tracks.
Posted By: Tha Blood - 2007-07-21

thIs soMe siCk shIt!!!!
Posted By: dj moneybags - 2007-07-21

yea tht was hot forsure, def 10
Posted By: TalkSick - 2007-07-22

Hot Shit
Posted By: InfamousES - 2007-07-23

Real Talk is stronger than Miyagi's accent! Shit, I loved this track! That is a dope beat, I would like to bump this at night as loud as it can get.
Posted By: MacG - 2007-07-30

that's some serious hot shit 10 ez
Posted By: UNKNOWN ARTIST - 2007-07-31

Simply Amazing...I Seriously Look Up Tio Ya As An Emcee..i Mean...Dammm
Posted By: Wykd - 2007-08-02

You got a big time voice my man .... i hope you do somethin wit it. Here's to hookin up wit you in the future boy. & the votes a 10.
Posted By: MahVulus - 2007-08-02

i aint vote dis. ya already kno ma boi real talk got da 10s
Posted By: Da Devious mind - 2007-08-09

dope joint TALK... job well done!
Posted By: JERRY HAZE - 2007-08-17

yeah..............thats what the fuck i'm talkin about........the replay factor is thru the roof on this joint!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.................."the marijuanna is sticky like the pool when it's hot as fuck"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.......WOW..........that beat is crack......real talk the truth no bullshit............imma fan for life..........i can't wait til you pop son.............just look out for a nigga with a verse or two.........HA!!!!!!!! used that mr. miyagi line against me in our battle but it don't matter cause it's a hot line!!!!!!!!!!.............if a person with your type of skill don't make it in the game...............i wouldn't know what the world was coming to................10 easily........FIRE!!!!!!
Posted By: ALL-BORO - 2007-09-04

After Party:
Posted By: Warren Peece - 2008-01-07

yea this was raw son, u killed this 4real. 10 punches was mad sick
Posted By: $ha-Money - 2009-09-16

i just had to peep this shit again ... aint heard it for a couple of years .... i aint ever heard another beat like this before ... shit's crazy .... hook really suits the beat too .... and that fuck what u heard like phone sex line is fuckin ridiculous .... u know how many people have bit that from u on here lmfao
Posted By: UNKNOWN ARTIST - 2009-12-21

damn this shit dope
Posted By: Just Jose - 2010-05-05

Lots of dope lines in this one. Joint was tight all the way through, from bars to production, even the hook. I'm like 6 years late but this is still one of the best tracks I've heard on here.
Posted By: NOBLE - 2014-09-04

This track a far out beat flow I'm guessing techno he had a good hook good chorus,I'm rateing this track a SEVEN
Posted By: JayDiamondScarFace - 2019-04-09

Posted By: Natty Tha Don - 2019-05-23

Posted By: Natty Tha Don - 2019-05-23

SpleNDiD: 10
dj moneybags: 10
InfamousES: 10
K-nine: 10
Violent Ty: 10
Troubled Lyfe: 10
Tyler-Pheonix: 10
Apes: 10
DL1: 10
MahVulus: 10
4fifth: 10
Tha Blood: 10
Tha_Juggaknot: 10
Wykd: 10
Just Jose: 10
Joe MuGGz: 10
NiXWoN: 10
JthaFresh: 10
Da Devious mind: 10
$ha-Money: 10
Roe: 10
RoothLess: 10
MacG: 10
Warren Peece: 10
Illimit: 10
Mr Millz: 10
TalkSick: 9
dj2099: 8
lyricalscience: 0
JayDiamondScarFace: 0

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