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Im Fly (Mouse Ft. Real Talk).
By: Real Talk
1989 Listens
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Damn! This shit is hot! Nice work here, was feeling those multies you were spittin. When I first heard the chorus I didn't think I was gonna like the song but the verses were tight enough so that at the end I was feeling it all. 10 easy.
Posted By: MacG - 2007-02-25

I would bang this shit no doubt ya'll do'n it . I didn't think the Hook was that bad I fit cool no matter what the whole joint was FIRE!
Posted By: NObrainKAIN - 2007-02-25

That is fuckin fire man know we gotta collab right? ........................10
Posted By: Askari - 2007-02-25

hood joint im diggin this and mouse sound real good together word up nice chemistry......this gets a dime bag.......
Posted By: TIPSY_SLIZZARD - 2007-02-25

Too hot... my computer screen got sun burn. lol 10 ez. Keep bringing that hot shit. $UNION$
Posted By: ILL SPIT - 2007-02-25

nice track i still dont kno how to upload tracks lol keep makin good music 10s
Posted By: smokey7317 - 2007-02-25

Damn That Beat Is Cold As Hell....Hot Track...Real Talk Learned How To Upload Tracks Its Ova Fo Yall Haters Real Shit....10 Whats Hood Real Talk?
Posted By: Killamike - 2007-02-25

Good Lookin out for all yall Comments .......... Dis jus da beginnin 4 da Kid .........
Posted By: Real Talk - 2007-02-25

i heard dis before u put it out itz been awhile since i heard it. itz still hot tho 10 all day
Posted By: Da Devious mind - 2007-02-25

Wat i like about real talk, is that He can actually rap...not just a Normal text dude, who writes as much as possible, but u couldnt see it fit in a snare...Shits Poppin Brotha...
Posted By: Danger Rich - 2007-02-25

One of The Best Songs i heard on dis bitch foreal flowed wit da beat n lyrically it was hot top 5 song i heard on here 10
Posted By: RoothLess - 2007-02-25

Posted By: Daddd - 2007-02-25

this track was fir real talk killed it. ~1~
Posted By: CSL - 2007-02-25

Thats a 20!
Posted By: Pablo Vegas - 2007-02-26

real talk ya verse was dope yo...multis off da hook in there....10..ez
Posted By: UNLIMITED - 2007-02-26

dayum...thats wtf im talkin bout mista grand champion...mad multies n tha beat is nice too..keep them trakks comin yah digg!? 10 all tha way around
Posted By: ride2diechikka - 2007-02-26

This waZ fIRE sound like some shit a Signed artist made..........10
Posted By: Mani Mula - 2007-02-26

1 werd.......WOW......20/10 throw in is face like razor ramone tooth pic?????? DAAAAAAAAAAMNNNNNN!!!!! lol
Posted By: Emmanuel J - 2007-02-26

Hott Hott Shit ryt here . 10
Posted By: _Bz_ - 2007-02-27

dope ass shit. that why real talks the champ.
Posted By: I S S A I A S - 2007-02-27

fiyah for real son 10 i like the beat pauses
Posted By: njZillest - 2007-02-27

the second guy is sick
Posted By: 2sick_2ill - 2007-02-27

mi nigga i gotta give it a 10
Posted By: Gill-T - 2007-02-27

10 as fuck
Posted By: Stotty Pimpin - 2007-02-27

Posted By: Kap - 2007-02-27

Posted By: Kap - 2007-02-27

clean i give a 10
Posted By: Kap - 2007-02-27

shit was dope, 10 from me.
Posted By: _shaz - 2007-02-27

thats my nigga right there...ez a 10!!! damn feelin it
Posted By: KILOS - 2007-02-27

10 of course, you already know, lolz. Aye, you should put up that one song you did wit that boy Freak, THATS MY SHIT, lolz. ~Trixie~
Posted By: Trixie - 2007-02-28

your voice reminds me of Styles P, lol.
Posted By: _shaz - 2007-02-28

^^^^Thats What I Was Bout To Say He Pretty Much Is Styles P LOL
Posted By: Killamike - 2007-02-28

^^^^Thats What I Was Bout To Say He Pretty Much Is Styles P LOL
Posted By: Killamike - 2007-02-28

^^^^Thats What I Was Bout To Say He Pretty Much Is Styles P LOL
Posted By: Killamike - 2007-02-28

^^^^Thats What I Was Bout To Say He Pretty Much Is Styles P LOL
Posted By: Killamike - 2007-02-28

^^^^Thats What I Was Bout To Say He Pretty Much Is Styles P LOL
Posted By: Killamike - 2007-02-28

aaahhhh! WHOO! "More blessed than a sneeze" hahahah hell naw 9. hit me back.
Posted By: Illimit - 2007-02-28

Hot as hell!!!9
Posted By: Mc herts - 2007-03-01

that's hot
Posted By: HatianBoy-c - 2007-03-02

dats da one u gave me in my email.....fiya!!!!!!!champ champ champ...ReeeeeeeL TaaalK
Posted By: THE SMACK - 2007-03-02

Shit fool. This shit is amazing! I like this....FUCCKKK 10 ez!
Posted By: MC-Prodigy - 2007-03-02

danger.. Real Talks Uploadin.. yall better look out this kids on FIREE!!..... and watch out.. im dropin some shit too... i found a hook up 4 beats 10 EZ , THIS TRACKS REACH THE TOP
Posted By: Dissplay - 2007-03-03

ahahah 20 Dollar Mag Thats what i calla Cheap Shot ahaha Damnnnn 10!!! that shits Ill as fuck
Posted By: SpleNDiD - 2007-03-03

nice shit Real Talk that was dope keep up this hot shit man....PEACE B>D diz iz a 10 from me homie....
Posted By: BIG DICE - 2007-03-04

Yo....The guy on the 2nd verse..I dunno who that is...But he sounds like Styles P no fuckin joke....Damn...The track gets a 10
Posted By: The Edge - 2007-03-04

this a bangin track, good shit homie 10
Posted By: Skateboard Mike - 2007-03-04

whooooo...the cheap shot line was hella nice, yall niggas sick yo, i know yall gonna get sign one day...that shit was sick...10 10 10 10 10!!!!!! YO UMMM CAN YOU SEND ME DAT ...i would like to put that in my mp3 player still....hit me back aiight, thanks, and keep spittin that FIRE!!!
Posted By: Natural Disaster - 2007-03-05

dam shawty dats sum hot shit i like da hold song cuz beat chorus verses keep it up shawty
Posted By: jacboi - 2007-03-06

10 10 10 Yall Killed It Keep Doin Ya Thing
Posted By: SiCc WayZ - 2007-03-06

Posted By: Florida44 - 2007-03-06

Posted By: _EXecutioner_ - 2007-03-08

Posted By: Mr Wana be - 2007-03-11

Hot shit 10 most Def......Haha I thought you was Styles P for a second, you sound almost jus like em haha...
Posted By: Un-Touchable - 2007-03-11

sick shit dude good beat and u killed it .. i wasnt sure bout the begining but tht shit turned into a fire quick ..100 000 000 ///.
Posted By: McYungSnow - 2007-03-13

sick as fuck dog keep up the smooth flowin' style.........
Posted By: Mc_Bizzy_B - 2007-03-13

i gave it a 10... damn that shit wazz fire nikka .. keep doin wat chu do ya dig..1
Posted By: Dub-Zero - 2007-03-13

nice easzzy ten
Posted By: R1PP3NBARS - 2007-03-14

shit tight!,u kinda sound lik juelz santana./.
Posted By: young capo - 2007-03-15

!) totally that was dope, best i ever heard.
Posted By: King8bawl - 2007-03-17

Good shit im feelin it but there cud b better boiz c mon!! 7's aight!
Posted By: Ceasar2 - 2007-03-19

baconon the stomach dammmmmm son fire 10 from me
Posted By: BlueMoney AKA Gta's Wildist - 2007-03-20

yo tha trac his hott man i like the flow its fire burninnin up the hip hop yo i gotto tellya get ya shit our here mabe can get sign u never no one
Posted By: Diamond D - 2007-03-20

yo tha trac his hott man i like the flow its fire burninnin up the hip hop yo i gotto tellya get ya shit out here mabe can get sign u never no one
Posted By: Diamond D - 2007-03-20

yea u know im bout to put it on a CD
Posted By: DaBArZToXiC - 2007-03-22

sick song man
Posted By: da40boy - 2007-03-23

hot shit my dukes definetly sumthing worth a cd
Posted By: Bkraveheart - 2007-03-24

20 dolla mag now thats what i call a cheap shot that shit was hot my niggaz yall should get a deal
Posted By: tough cash - 2007-03-25

Posted By: SH0RTii - 2007-03-26

Feelin da track RT.... lol my B it took so long to get @ dis shit
Posted By: 7pointSix2mm - 2007-03-26

hot as fuck
Posted By: Word~Perfect - 2007-03-27

great shit man
Posted By: emceeREX - 2007-03-28

Posted By: HOT-ONE - 2007-03-30

Posted By: HOT-ONE - 2007-03-30

Posted By: HOT-ONE - 2007-03-30

Posted By: HOT-ONE - 2007-03-30

Posted By: HOT-ONE - 2007-03-30

Posted By: HOT-ONE - 2007-03-30

Posted By: candypaint1 - 2007-03-31

thats shit was tight
Posted By: Young_Drew - 2007-04-03

yea this shit is hot man always number 1
Posted By: young yasz - 2007-04-04

dat was real
Posted By: digitalgangsta - 2007-04-04

i like this
Posted By: ICE_MAN - 2007-04-05

Posted By: ddisney0426 - 2007-04-09

best track iv heard on lets beef sence R.I.P
Posted By: ICE_MAN - 2007-04-10

not bad
Posted By: Dank Smoke - 2007-04-10

Posted By: DRUG - 2007-04-11

nice shit def fire...
Posted By: Free2Jumpoff - 2007-04-12

Yo this my shit my nig real talk nigga!!!!
Posted By: 4-FEET - 2007-04-27

This shit is dope as hell mang word is born
Posted By: 4-FEET - 2007-04-27

dude i just listened to this song like 4 times lol ...good shit bro
Posted By: freshoutheoven - 2007-05-14

I'm flyyyyy and u Aintttt....shit is hot Talk...Keep that shit up...10 all day my nig
Posted By: _nYcE_ - 2007-05-16

hot shit
Posted By: GoT dAt fiR3 - 2007-05-17

feelin da beat niggasz....... song isz fuckin FIRE -10-
Posted By: tha dome - 2007-05-17

haha yeah that shits hot as fuck. mouse sounds like juelz sanatana (mouse is better thoug) and yeah talk sounds like styles p hahahah hot hot
Posted By: Warren Peece - 2007-05-18

Real TAlk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we need to collab lol that nigga mouse is mad nice too
Posted By: Metaphorically - 2007-05-18

nigga get at me-they call me money-i like yo producing.. dirtysouth rec.. i rap new york southern..word.. my swag.. all's i need is a producer serious b
Posted By: williams klon - 2007-05-19

what program yall use..ima start posting when i figure it out g...till then get at me .. im bout this chedder
Posted By: williams klon - 2007-05-19

yo youngmoney nigga look at my chain only thing bigger nigga my dingalang i gotta stunt mann like a stuntman so roll a blunt meet me out front fam
Posted By: williams klon - 2007-05-19

the new nigga..southern pride looking like a bungie jumper..ha ha
Posted By: williams klon - 2007-05-19

Wow,U did it man,am feelin this track man.u jus like
Posted By: slirm - 2007-05-19

nice track RT! you know what it is playa!
Posted By: BigBradBizzle - 2007-05-19

Posted By: BishopofBallin - 2007-05-20

dam 20$ dollar mag now that's what i call a cheap shot that is sick 10/10 easy
Posted By: Retired - 2007-05-20

rt ma nigga we needa battle soon, acapella, audio written 2 minutes?
Posted By: JthaFresh - 2007-05-21

Posted By: BIGBENT - 2007-05-25

10,10,10,10,10,10,10,10, highest ratin on LB tracks section haha, damn this shit poppin out flames every rhyme lol, keep it flowin Mpuse and R Talk...10/10 all day...Peace B>D..HHL...
Posted By: BIG DICE - 2007-05-29

just AAAmaZinG bro
Posted By: tee rapperz - 2007-05-29

yo im feelin this traxx real talk, get at my traxx id appreciate it!! 10!!
Posted By: Stylez da Legend - 2007-05-31

Good track. First couple verses, so-so. So I give u 9/10. no h8.
Posted By: Palma - 2007-05-31

Posted By: JthaFresh - 2007-06-01

I like this one, sum real mixtape shit(even though sum say mixtapes are dying).This is worth tha time of loadin' no doubt.
Posted By: Vicious Venom - 2007-06-02

ok i c ya, this shit is nyce as a bitch
Posted By: Scruff - 2007-06-03

ayo my nigga this shit is fire...yo i wanna do a track wit u...holla back if u down..and i let u hear some of my shit iight...dis shit is a 10
Posted By: QUEENOFUPSTATE - 2007-06-03

Posted By: Caramel - 2007-06-04

this shit is hot my nigga easy 10
Posted By: Tha__Kid - 2007-06-05

good shit m y dude
Posted By: jiggy jay - 2007-06-06

shit is hot
Posted By: X - 2007-06-07

Posted By: Runyo - 2007-06-09

Aye dude, you uploading tracks on Imeem? Get @ me.
Posted By: Sir Clever - 2007-06-10

shweet shit man, looooved it! 10 4 shure.
Posted By: AzzKicka - 2007-06-14

crazy cold shit!!!!! uk loving it nigahhh
Posted By: northweezy - 2007-06-14

hot shit right here
Posted By: GoT dAt fiR3 - 2007-06-17

hot shit my nigga.. (.::HOODRICH::.)
Posted By: Serious Biz - 2007-06-18

dis joint nice...... get at me im tryna collab
Posted By: kingjj33 - 2007-06-18

yo homeboy how can i get a copy of this shit to bump
Posted By: LiL TiZy - 2007-06-21

Hot shit my nigga 20 dolla mag thats a cheap shot GOD DAYUM!
Posted By: Denton - 2007-06-22

anything less than a 10 and u dont know talent wuddup to the man realtalk madd props
Posted By: SWA66AR1FF1C - 2007-06-25

damn real tlk is striaght ny...ruff
Posted By: shawtii - 2007-07-10

damn real tlk is striaght ny...ruff
Posted By: shawtii - 2007-07-10

damn real tlk is striaght ny...ruff
Posted By: shawtii - 2007-07-10

damn real tlk is striaght ny...ruff
Posted By: shawtii - 2007-07-10

Posted By: Tha Blood - 2007-07-23

1............ with a zero on it
Posted By: PepTalk - 2008-06-05

100% Fire.
Posted By: DIVENCHI - 2008-06-26

BlueMoney AKA Gta's Wildist: 10
Pablo Vegas: 10
Young_Drew: 10
williams klon: 10
7pointSix2mm: 10
Serious Biz: 10
Dub-Zero: 10
candypaint1: 10
BigBradBizzle: 10
RoothLess: 10
GoT dAt fiR3: 10
kingjj33: 10
Mani Mula: 10
_nYcE_: 10
young capo: 10
Scruff: 10
X: 10
I S S A I A S: 10
tee rapperz: 10
Natural Disaster: 10
Gill-T: 10
BishopofBallin: 10
DRUG: 10
smokey7317: 10
MacG: 10
Mr Wana be: 10
Da Devious mind: 10
Daddd: 10
Florida44: 10
SWA66AR1FF1C: 10
Tha__Kid: 10
McYungSnow: 10
Un-Touchable: 10
Free2Jumpoff: 10
DaBArZToXiC: 10
Denton: 10
northweezy: 10
_EXecutioner_: 10
Trixie: 10
SiCc WayZ: 10
Metaphorically: 10
Killamike: 10
Stotty Pimpin: 10
CSL: 10
Retired: 10
Emmanuel J: 10
King8bawl: 10
jacboi: 10
Dissplay: 10
_Bz_: 10
tha dome: 10
PepTalk: 10
The Edge: 10
Runyo: 10
MC-Prodigy: 10
AzzKicka: 10
ride2diechikka: 10
Kap: 10
LiL TiZy: 10
SH0RTii: 10
Word~Perfect: 10
SpleNDiD: 10
Askari: 10
_shaz: 10
Skateboard Mike: 9
Bkraveheart: 9
Palma: 9
JthaFresh: 9
Mc herts: 9
NObrainKAIN: 9
Sir Clever: 9
Illimit: 9
Warren Peece: 9
Stylez da Legend: 9
freshoutheoven: 9
emceeREX: 7
Ceasar2: 7
da40boy: 7
Caramel: 6
ddisney0426: 5
Dank Smoke: 1
Mc_Bizzy_B: 0
young yasz: 0
HatianBoy-c: 0
Danger Rich: 0
jiggy jay: 0
Vicious Venom: 0
slirm: 0
tough cash: 0
2sick_2ill: 0
njZillest: 0
4-FEET: 0
digitalgangsta: 0

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