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Crew: Legion of Doom
Reppin: Detroit, Michigan, United States

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A Gift & A Curse.
By: Saint Chris
180 Listens
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this is my shit son. we can all feel this one. savage beat.
Posted By: Heavythoughtz - 2009-05-04

Some real shit..done right....I can fuck with this....C schooling them..Holla at ya Piazon 4 HRSMN!!!
Posted By: Mic-Check - 2009-05-04

yo itz tha one and only saint cizzle on tha real you know this dimez keep them trackz coming homeboy..much respect...peace.........
Posted By: Elton John - 2009-05-04

nice shit bro
Posted By: Killa DUB - 2009-05-04

This this SIIICK homie...I like the hook and beat. I actually downloaded this beat too lol Guess we have the same taste in beats haha drop dimes on it 10 10 10 10
Posted By: _MURDA XL - 2009-05-04

Posted By: 1LL L0GiC - 2009-05-04

That beat iss sicc az fuck~! "they just want listens in return" so true... this that shit I like to hear son. Tell em louder SaINT cuzz they aint hearin!!! 10
Posted By: Nikodemus - 2009-05-04

wooo eeee twas som heat!!!! WRITE RHYMES!! 10 all fuckin year on this one!! FR
Posted By: Marx - 2009-05-04

Posted By: J-Spider - 2009-05-04

That beat is grimey. Nice flows famz, a def 10
Posted By: Gramdacious - 2009-05-04

this shit was so dam sick.shit is so true.ive said so many times i was quiting the music shit and then like a curse.ill be driving and a few bars pop in my head then a hook is created then its imma drop one more track......its crazy it is agift and at the same time its like a curse.....sometimes i dont wanna do it anymore but my mind wont let me stop..........anyway im droppin a dime in here.se this is wat i mean saint do u man.u def done dropped two hot trax back to back outside of beef........ill def check out ya trax.holla
Posted By: Mr-Felon - 2009-05-05

deep shit fam! i fucks wit it! 10 tiles!
Posted By: BigBradBizzle - 2009-05-05

Posted By: ZITO - 2009-05-05

always comin wit da dope flow....& wen it comes to da real talk shit...yo got it in dis shit no doubt...real sick shit bro...dimezzz..peace
Posted By: ZEE_DA_OUTLAW - 2009-05-05

I like it man, I hear you on that real real. I mostly write to escape reality but sometimes you have to go there. Wife, 3 kids and bills yo. Shit aint easy. If I only had time to put 100% to the music....
Posted By: kursive - 2009-05-05

i respect all real talk tracks... at least u got something to say..some cats dont... this was ill... i vibed to this...10
Posted By: BENSON THA GREAT - 2009-05-05

wow @ that beat...this wus so real, DAM...on fire, had my head boppin the whole time...jesus
Posted By: Stotty Pimpin - 2009-05-05

saint still killin
Posted By: OG Pumpkin Pie - 2009-05-05

good shit pimp
Posted By: Reggie Hammons - 2009-05-05

im feelin this, dime piece, beats sick
Posted By: InfamousES - 2009-05-06

damn this track is fuckin ill... nice topic i like the swagg... homie keep doing what u doing nice shit 10/z
Posted By: Lynkkz - 2009-05-06

yea defintely a dime piece saint...feellin wat chu saying cuz everyday i feel like dis...lol some shit i dis agree but most what u spit i live and feel
Posted By: Strat - 2009-05-06

God damn this is a vicious track... you got some mad skillz for this shit Saint but I dont need to tell you that your already knowing!!....!(no dick riding)!.... it's just that I only listen to music I like.... nobody else should be any differant!!!10 Peace
Posted By: DRUG - 2009-05-06

Nice track man,Keep doin what u do.Always interested 2 listen,Pz
Posted By: Van - 2009-05-06

this my kinda track, saint we shud get somethin goin like this. check out a few of my darker tracks and ull catch my drift. regardless this is a 10.
Posted By: Boss-MC - 2009-05-06

This Track Fire Homie Im Feelin The Vibe On This One Too...10 Get@me We Need To Hit The Tracks Again...The Union Coming Back!!
Posted By: HOMESTEAD-G - 2009-05-06

Posted By: AnonymousTwist - 2009-05-06

the begining to this was real nice i loved it real dark type shit saint c you always be bringing that fire on ya tracks. and this track is real talk forreal rea ling feeling this one homie..10s
Posted By: Yung~Hugh - 2009-05-07

real life shit and had a real smooth vibe on this shit with tha fact tha beat was insane....10 ez
Posted By: Skitt_Blazin - 2009-05-07

This epitomizes lets beef. Trying to gain fans from other cats trying to gain fans and being irritated by real life on the side. DO SHOWS SON!!! Pick 10 of your best tracks, learn those shits like your wifey's poo nan and throw down...at least you get some cash that way. 10
Posted By: Brutally Honest - 2009-05-07

Fosho B... I hear that... I ain't been outside in a minute... Lol! Tryna knock an album out first, and then promote the fuck out of it... At the same time I post up mixtape trax for u cats, and myspace and shit just to keep a minor web buzz goin... But ur damn right.....
Posted By: Saint Chris - 2009-05-08

ill shit son, hot track
Posted By: Diesel S - 2009-05-08

Chur chur! Too Much My G! Dats Some "Sell A Track" Shit my G! Keep Dat Shit Up Homie
Posted By: kendog - 2009-05-09

Posted By: JR-OK - 2009-05-09

Dang... Somebody didn't want this shit on the charts... Lol! Case AND Point!
Posted By: Saint Chris - 2009-05-09

This some real shit 100
Posted By: Sport City - 2009-05-09

I head this and never commented.. my bad been busy and off the site for a while.. 10
Posted By: John J - 2009-05-15

Posted By: KING WHUT - 2009-05-18

good shit fam 10 all the way.......
Posted By: SiCc WayZ - 2009-07-08

saint i admit, i slept on this track big time....sorry but im here now....wow man easily the best i've heard from you...this track will make me view you differently completely...do more like this ok, fuck the beef shit you starting off and WRITE RHYMES..you aint cursed u gotta a gift with it...i wanna see the real you the real saint cizzle....ill
Posted By: Sinseer - 2009-10-03

where did u get this beat?
Posted By: turtle1016 - 2009-11-08

it's funny how this got 113 plays (im probably the 114th) and there are only 4 rates. haha ahh well . the beat is pretty damn sick. where did you get it? - saint cizzle haha got some flow for sure on this one. what i like about this. is it's real. real talk here. sample was nicee. hook was nice too , breif, but u klicked it in again. i dont know what u record on, but the qualities good, i caught every word. i like the breaking your back lineee. keep doing what you do, you obviously spittin expression. haha thats what its about anyways right. now i wrote a longg fucking comment about this track, cuz thats what a real nigga does..not some NICE SHIT BRO 10. alright. holla man lb tracks need more input anwaysy , no sugar coated bullshit ya feel me
Posted By: Warren Peece - 2009-11-10

whoahh.. thats funny..ther were really only 4 comments that appeared before this page refreshed.
Posted By: Warren Peece - 2009-11-10

still amazing
Posted By: turtle1016 - 2009-12-04

Oldie but still dope as fuck... shit just gets you vibing. Everything you said is exactly what I took 10 years off lb.
Posted By: ~YuNg~ - 2019-08-17

Yung~Hugh: 10
Reggie Hammons: 10
Brutally Honest: 10
Heavythoughtz: 10
Nikodemus: 10
kendog: 10
turtle1016: 10
~YuNg~: 10
Killa DUB: 10
Sinseer: 10
J-Spider: 10
Lynkkz: 10
Strat: 10
1LL L0GiC: 10
Skitt_Blazin: 10
Elton John: 10
Sport City: 10
BigBradBizzle: 10
Warren Peece: 10
Mic-Check: 10
OG Pumpkin Pie: 10
Stotty Pimpin: 10
SiCc WayZ: 10
InfamousES: 10
John J: 10
Diesel S: 10
DRUG: 10
Marx: 10
Boss-MC: 10
AnonymousTwist: 10
JR-OK: 9
Gramdacious: 0
kursive: 0
Van: 0
Mr-Felon: 0

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