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Warning Shots (Rhyme smoke Diss).
By: Mindless
35 Listens
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This fuck get trucked standing in the path/Dome rocked now knocked down landing in the grass/Punches blurry in the flurry damaging ya fast/Make ya look when I take a foot and plant it in your ass//It's the return of the yiddim, hittem so hard his spleen burst/He will die from my evil eye, that's the mean curse/This sesame puppet, guessing he love it when his strings jerked/He's a cartoon gangster coming straight outta Dream Works/You gonna fuck around and get your whole team hurt/When I put em in their graves the only time they seen dirt/You got outta line and then it's a whole big issue/Ain't been good since Jennifer Lopez ditched you//I wanna rhyme like Royce he wanna rhyme like Ja/But I reach b I'm Nietzsche and he die like Jah//[All Underlined Parts Are Ja Rule Song Titles]Old your syndrome is down's ass bitch/You always on time clown ass trick//He mesmerized, between me and you/The fact that I clap back got him seething n blue//Living it up, story to tell ‘bout gold touched reign/His body about to be caught up in so much pain//Before the grand finale it's a race against time/Smokin and riding dick to make a quick dime//Sex work is work, but this dude is thug lovin'/Without protection from infection when they butt bustin//Life ain't a game player and this is the pledge/If I see you I'm seeing you go over the edge//Dropping bars in the shed/Looking hard in ya head/But honestly just seem retarded instead/Try and seem tough but can't see how far that it’s fetched/Should have thought about the shit you started instead//Old Oscar the grouch rapping ass feygele/You giving tons of handjobs under the table to/Any old John that got the payola/And from the way that you act it's a fact you unstable bruh//Little diss ain’t get the response you figured it would/Taking weak shots like only the bitterest could/Dropping garbage bars and consider it good/Pretending to be gangster but you just clitoris hood//He gonna say some holocaust shit to follow off this/But this hollow-cost him his life, swallow ya pride/I'll Drive by while you wallow inside/No one will feel any sorrow you've died!//I’m here to burn and break your soul, dude you rammel/Paint drying has more views than your whole youtube channel//The people want bars but your shit is mighty borin/Your parent’s only regret is you didn’t die before ‘em//I’m done playing, I at the crematorium firin’ it up/Before she was dead ya mom’s pussy was dryerin’ dust//Take your dad from behind and throttle the dude/I don’t give a fuck if takes a whole bottle of lube//Slap your mom and pretend that I’m into the broad/They urns up turned and we have a menage/Say it’s been a real treat of asses, laughter n fun/Then piss in the ashes after I’m done//

Posted By: Mindless - 2022-05-10

Hell yeah fuck Rhyme smoke

Posted By: J Carnage - 2022-05-10

This was fire, from start to finish. Props!! Wonder if he'll respond. 

Posted By: ODIN - 2022-05-11

Finally! Somebody decided to grow a pair and actually did what the site is intended for.. So I give you props for at least trying, but I got you...This is gonna be fun! A dime tho? Ehhh

Posted By: RhymeSmoke - 2022-05-11

Couldn't give a dime just because you lost the cadence a couple of times. Give that like 2 more rehearsals before the final take and it's likely dimed. Other than that, diss track was fire. Well done.

Posted By: Aggo - 2022-05-11

Nice diss track.... interested to see the response from Smoke 

Posted By: Masked-Reaper - 2022-05-12

idk, tbh it seemed Mediocre, and lacked intensity, it sounded like You were Having fun,but..  after hearing this and knowing what he can do, it feels like he can do better imo,.. it was simple and ___Insert name here, Vague bars that could've been aimed at anyone, it was a Great effort though.. Pretty decently mixed,.. and a good 250 of bars,.. but idk.. it was just ok,.. it's not fire

Posted By: ZulKarnain - 2022-05-12

Wow...dimes and nines? Zulk the only one that was on point. I gave you the extra two because of actually rappin instead of just chattin. This don't even deserve a response tbh. Again..props for tryin. I honestly don't know why ya pussy hurt so much. I didn't say shit to you, you was defendin Hoedin like he was ya baby daddy. Thought maybe you'd proven different then him. But you took the exact same route as him..the troll route. It's actually pretty disappointin to know the exact same type person is running LB....Fucked up to the site in this condition, run by trolls.

Posted By: RhymeSmoke - 2022-05-12

Rofl...just seen you typed out the verse...wowzers

Posted By: RhymeSmoke - 2022-05-12

Thought this shit was freestyle...maybe I'll just free. Nah...I'm good, you gotta drop better than this to get me hyped. 


Posted By: RhymeSmoke - 2022-05-12

damn homie u got some skill

Posted By: HUTE - 2022-05-21

ODIN: 10
J Carnage: 10
HUTE: 10
Aggo: 9
Masked-Reaper: 9
RhymeSmoke: 7
ZulKarnain: 5

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