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Kw0n vs MecH
Style: Written
1 Vote 5 stars5 stars5 stars5 stars5 stars
Flako Boom vs Player333
Style: Freestyle Blind Drop
2 Votes 2.625 stars2.625 stars2.625 stars2.625 stars2.625 stars
Player333 vs PeaceandLaug...
Style: Freestyle
2 Votes 3 stars3 stars3 stars3 stars3 stars
Player333 vs DifferentChild
Style: Written
2 Votes 2.875 stars2.875 stars2.875 stars2.875 stars2.875 stars

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kuniiii1 vs Spaggy
8 Lines (4 Bars)
No Rating YetNo Rating YetNo Rating YetNo Rating YetNo Rating Yet
mrsupahype vs Spaggy
8 Lines (4 Bars)
4 stars4 stars4 stars4 stars4 stars
Spaggy vs V3numb
8 Lines (4 Bars)
3.9107142857143 stars3.9107142857143 stars3.9107142857143 stars3.9107142857143 stars3.9107142857143 stars
Phoenix vs Spaggy
8 Lines (4 Bars)
7.4111 stars7.4111 stars7.4111 stars7.4111 stars7.4111 stars7.4111 stars7.4111 stars7.4111 stars
Spaggy vs shadow rapper
8 Lines (4 Bars)
7.5556 stars7.5556 stars7.5556 stars7.5556 stars7.5556 stars7.5556 stars7.5556 stars7.5556 stars
The SaveYour vs Spaggy
8 Lines (4 Bars)

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Spaggy's Latest Text Cyphers (Solo Drops)
4.64/5 stars4.64/5 stars4.64/5 stars4.64/5 stars4.64/5 stars
Never Never
Beat: 32 Lines (16 Bars)

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  1. 《11:11》
    02-20-2014 04:18 AM
    What Up Bruh?? Been A Long Minute!!
  2. Wordsmithh
    09-23-2013 02:19 PM
    Amen brother!
  3. Wordsmithh
    09-23-2013 12:50 PM
    glad t hear man...im just tring lead people back t their Faith u know...the world's messed up and evil....im wordsmith btw brother.

    God Bless...Jesus is coming soon!
  4. Wordsmithh
  5. monti
    03-05-2013 02:43 AM
    check it out a crazy diss track, Honest Likes & Comments would be appreciated a lot thanks.
  6. Master-Mind
    01-23-2013 09:42 PM
  7. Master-Mind
  8. monti
    10-29-2012 05:17 AM
    check it out bro...True Comments & Likes would be appreciated..Thanks.
  9. Master-Mind
    08-23-2012 06:39 PM
    Check out my new cypher!

    Lonely Soul

    Feedback would be appreciated!
  10. 《11:11》
    06-13-2012 01:22 AM
    A Cypher Fo My DECEASED Homie!!! Please Peep & Rate It... I'd Really Appreciate it... http://www.letsbeef.com/cypher_detai...841&section=tb
  11. SA_ANZ
    05-13-2012 12:28 AM
    its very sad you have a multi account user n your crew Snoopy316=Captain A....n your boss noose is a scared bitch lol it must be good to be a mizfitz...smh

  12. Master-Mind
    05-02-2012 05:30 PM
    Check it out!

    Master-Mind feat. Unyqe

    Drop ya votes!!

    Thank you
  13. monti
    04-24-2012 11:30 AM
    hey check it out bro...hit the LIKE button if you liked it....
  14. TaeeBeezy
    04-11-2012 03:47 PM
    its not finished Yet And You Know we BROTHERS i got LOYALTY im Over in Mizfits
  15. TaeeBeezy
    04-10-2012 05:02 PM
    Wassup famo
  16. Blocc Durty
    04-08-2012 07:24 PM
    Blocc Durty
    Welcome To Conscious Rappers...bruh political views are welcomed and never scare to share them
  17. 《11:11》
    04-05-2012 09:10 PM
    bro inbox is cleared now...u get 500 message storage when exclusive only 250 when not ...u pozted in tha Forum so figured u waz on board about joining up??? all tha Assassinz. are commin...itz so we can have a crew where tha Creator/Leader iz actually in tha Krew...Itz Basically a revisited Assassinz....u don't see what I'm sayin Fam Diz left long ago...So I'm juzt carrying out tha same style wit added Dopeness...and where I can Edit and Actually Keep tha Krew Flowin wit tha same Loyal Peepz that Agree thiz change iz good so we can have an active Krew wit A Fresh Look Yet Still our Same Assassin Style ...get at me Fam....TRAJIKK
  18. 《11:11》
    04-05-2012 08:01 AM
    fuck that clown below me...tha new krew iz up Fam...come get wit ya peepz..I'm juzt editing tha Forum before gettin everyone in ya feel me..holla back..TRAJ
  19. B U R D E N
    03-28-2012 06:20 PM
    B U R D E N
    aiight for sure yo
  20. B U R D E N
    03-28-2012 09:33 AM
    B U R D E N
    if you ever leave that crew hit me up.. i think that you have potential nah mean and i'd invite you to sw.

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