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  Audio Concept Tourney #1
lynwood shame vs CasperTheOne
Style: Freestyle Blind Drop
2 Votes 3.75 stars3.75 stars3.75 stars3.75 stars3.75 stars
ContagiousZ vs lynwood shame
Style: Freestyle Blind Drop
1 Vote 3.5 stars3.5 stars3.5 stars3.5 stars3.5 stars
ALL-BOROALL-BORO is on FIRE! 5+ wins in a row! vs Alzie
Style: Freestyle
3 Votes 3.3333333333333 stars3.3333333333333 stars3.3333333333333 stars3.3333333333333 stars3.3333333333333 stars
ContagiousZ vs leemur
Style: Freestyle Blind Drop
3 Votes 2.5 stars2.5 stars2.5 stars2.5 stars2.5 stars
ContagiousZ vs BarzookaBarzooka is on FIRE! 5+ wins in a row!
Style: Freestyle
2 Votes 2.375 stars2.375 stars2.375 stars2.375 stars2.375 stars

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Conversation Between YC and HIGHpothasis
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  1. HIGHpothasis
    11-20-2017 07:36 PM
    Why Are u a captain? Come lead with swatt. We need a audio king.
  2. HIGHpothasis
    11-20-2017 03:50 PM
    YOOOOO! What's Gucci My G'Skii??
  3. HIGHpothasis
    05-16-2017 02:46 AM
    You on Mighty Late cuzz what you Cooking up???
  4. HIGHpothasis
    05-07-2017 01:29 PM
    What's Good Bull? What you on today?
  5. YC
    04-06-2017 03:28 AM
    You can drop a gif on the crew logo if you want fam
  6. YC
    04-06-2017 03:27 AM
    You already know cuzz lets wreck shit like usual !
  7. HIGHpothasis
    04-06-2017 02:31 AM
    I appreciate You for the Oppertunity Young Bull. *Sniff Sniff* I smell a murder!
  8. HIGHpothasis
    04-06-2017 01:54 AM
    Bring me in Cuzz...Lets Run Shit!
  9. HIGHpothasis
    03-18-2017 12:22 AM
    - DAMN BOY! TWO FLAME SHAWTY? You and Cek Running Shit! Its time MaCc Daddy Catch Up wit y'all!!!
  10. YC
    03-13-2017 07:03 PM
    Good bro just zipping niggas up -HustleGang
  11. HIGHpothasis
    03-12-2017 01:20 AM
    How LB Treating You King??
  12. YC
    03-07-2017 11:12 PM
    you already know fam dude called me out so you know we don't back down and gl bro I'm not losing this #1 spot either bout to be 5-0 for the month bodying anyone that wants it #HustleGang
  13. HIGHpothasis
    03-07-2017 10:31 PM
    And i didnt even see that #1 of the Month Title you Holding down! Damn Son.!! Just dont stop cuzz. HUSTLE HARD!
  14. HIGHpothasis
    03-07-2017 10:29 PM
    Getting in a text battle in! I See You My Nigga! Made me proud to see that. If u ever want some critiquing HIT ME UP YOUNG!! B.O.B and WEAVE CUZZ! !

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