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Player333 vs DifferentChild
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Conversation Between DifferentChild and TRIPP5
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  1. DifferentChild
    12-20-2020 11:41 PM
    U say fair vote and I don't agree. Agree to disagree bcoz a fair vote would've been a vote for me. I threw hella punches in it which is like u said "battle rap". And y'all thought the lack of effort from me was a insult but no what is a insult is that I threw punches from beginning to end and still lost. Battle rap is about the punchlines fuck the other skills which I have but don't need it to be dope. But I can't expect a simp to understand that. U must not listen to conscience rap which is spiritual rap that common, Kanye West, Drake, J Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Joyner Lucas or K Rino. I study rap by listening to many forms of it. Even 2Pac was conscience. Those are intellectual rappers. My use of vocab in my raps aren't like any other. We have not the same I am a Martian.
  2. TRIPP5
    12-18-2020 08:19 PM
    It was an entirely fair vote. I gave you credit, which nobody made me do, and I kept it real too. This is battle rap. Having a laid back style is one thing, having no energy is another. You know how to rap, so put some conviction behind it. Don't get mad, get better.
  3. DifferentChild
    12-18-2020 07:48 PM
    First of all I was exhausted when I penned that verse for plus1elf. It was late at night. Also I'm monotone so there's nothing I could do about that that's just my voice. If u or anybody don't like it don't vote on my battles that's swaying votes.

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