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01-04-2020, 08:11 AM
List Of Approved Topical Voters

With the Topical Section being such a unique format compared to the rest of the site, not everyone will be allowed to place votes.

The following is a list of approved Topical Voters who are allowed to vote on Topical Battles:

RULE: Letsbeef Topical Champion
IAmFlow: Off-Site Topical Champion
Dono: 3x Letsbeef Topical Champion
EtH: Off-Site Topical Champion
2FUEL: Letsbeef Topical Champion

List Of Voters Under Trial:

Rieper: Multi-Format Champion
Kiwi Peewee: Fair Voters Club Member
Guts: Former Fair Voters Club Member
TradeMarked: Veteran Letsbeef Member
IIAM: New Letsbeef Member

Each Topical Voter will receive 30 credits whenever they place a vote.

If you wish to become a Topical Section voter, please contact RULE (https://www.letsbeef.com/forums/member.php?u=859014)