View Full Version : EtH's Complaint Thread

Hubert Cumberdale
08-20-2014, 10:11 AM
So I was just venting in IMs and wanted to make a thread of it. I'm not going to fool myself into thinking that Pugz is going to give 2 shits about it, but fuck it.

And before anyone chimes in saying "By complaining, you're only adding to the problem, why would anyone join the site if they see things like this?", straight up I don't want new people to join the site. Fuck them. Why would we want to bring more people onto the sinking ship? The voting is at an all time low, the battling is at an all time low, the moral is at an all time low. Why would we want new people in that instantly sees all of this and draws the conclusion of how shit things are themselves?

That brings me to the next thing, the live event. This is a great accomplishment, and some solid innovation. It takes, time, planning, effort and money. But what does it actually achieve? Promotion? New members? Read the above. You bring in 20 new dope as fuck audio heads....there's still no votes on their battles, there's still no rates on their tracks, and they'll still see everyone being pissed off with the site, so they'll leave. It accomplishes absolutely fuck all. Pugz is claiming that it's costing 3 grand in total to put together. Hardly could have used that 3 grand to invest in LETSBEEF.COM no?

These new additions like the radio and the live event are absolutely bullshit. STOP DOING YOUR OWN THING! We've been sitting here telling you what we, the people build this site, want to be done. But noooo, you fuck off and just do whatever useless thing you feel like doing. Pugz, you may have "saved the site" by taking over, but there wouldn't have been a site to save if it wasn't for US.

See that's the difference. You're not a member of Letsbeef.com. It's basically like politics. You're the president of the country trying to govern what people in poverty need. You don't have a fucking clue what this site needs. You know NOTHING about Letsbeef.com as a BATTLE website. You know nothing about Letsbeef.com's voting activity, battling level and skill, what makes the site tick etc. You need to LISTEN to what us, the members, want done. Because eventually the nostalgia's gonna wear off mate. The reason you've got a site on your hands is because all of us want to bring it back to what it once was. We have our limitations on that, and we've started to exhaust every possible way we can improve that site. Until you start taking this place seriously, it's never gonna survive.