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RhymeSmoke vs KDOTCARTER
Style: Freestyle
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6nd vs Plus1elf
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Audio Ranked Battle
Style: Written Length: 120 Seconds · Retries: Yes · Beat: Eminem - On Fire (Instrumental) · By: Kw0n

Kw0n (64%) WINNER
13 400
Ranked #13 This Season
7.21/10 stars7.21/10 stars7.21/10 stars7.21/10 stars7.21/10 stars7.21/10 stars7.21/10 stars7.21/10 stars7.21/10 stars7.21/10 stars
Reppin: Owensboro, Kentucky, United States
MecH (36%)
Ranked #-- This Season
7.7/10 stars7.7/10 stars7.7/10 stars7.7/10 stars7.7/10 stars7.7/10 stars7.7/10 stars7.7/10 stars7.7/10 stars7.7/10 stars
Reppin: World, World, World

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Battle started: May 14th at 18:46
Challenger joined: May 16th at 13:00

Voting has ended for this battle (battle finished on 2021-05-16 13:00:01).

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  Member Comments

FINALLY!! DO NOT TAKE THIS DOWN. Vocals are pretty low but u should be able to understand me with some headphones on. GL to whoever takes this

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Posted on: 2021-05-14 19:11:40 Private Message Kw0n


Da CHICK U WITH IS DIRTY LIKE DIRT/ So it’s ya hoe I’ll 'wreck outta control' like a DEMOLITION DERBY DRIVER/ She’ll 'twist-n-turn' once I STICK THIS DICK IN HER V-GINA/ While u on da phone wit the BITCH GETTIN ONE WORD REPLIES, NERD/ She want my nuts I ain’t CIRCUMCISED..But...I’ll 'give the slut a nut' like a SQUIRREL THAT'S NICE and SPERM INSIDE/ The bitches mouth.."she da THIRSTY TYPE"/ You asking me if she cheated on you is like asking me if a BIRD CAN FLY/ Now let’s talk bout them VERSES THAT U WRITE/ Claim to keep it "100" when nothin PERFECT IN YA RHYMES/ 'It’s clear we not buying that' it’s like PURCHASING A SPRITE/ Fo real it’s ironic that it’s "CERTAIN" YOU A "LIE"/ So stop tryna convince us that u the SICKEST WRITER, SPITTIN FIRE, u ain’t 'psychic' u won’t HYPNOTIZE US, GET IT RIGHT OR 'get beat down' without SYNTHESIZERS, 'make u eat punches' for being a damn LYRIC BITER/ On the real u just PLAGIARIZE AND CHEAT/ Quick to "take" others work but don’t "TAKE" YOUR TIME AND THINK/ Of ya..own shit...let’s just say you’re QUITE THE THIEF/ to be..still in (stealing) bars like them JAGERMEISTER DRINKS/ and won't NAME THE GUYS YOU SEIZED THEM FROM/ so that makes u a 'loser for life' it’s too LATE TO TRY TO BE THE ONE/ 'u want praise, when u MAKE A LINE' LIKE WE NEED DRUGS/ 'get ya eyes checked'...cuz u WAY TOO BLIND TO SEE YOU SUCK/ So 'give it up' like some FAITHFUL WIFE WHO'S SEEKIN LOVE/ you AINT TOO BRIGHT OR DEVIOUS...But if u told me u’d do anything for fame, then just MAYBE I'D BELIEVE IN YA/ you a cloutchaser so u’d PRAY TO CHRIST TO RECEIVE SOME/ So don’t pretend like u got CLOUT, NO WAY/ Cuz 'signed leases' da only way u a HOUSEHOLD NAME/ Music just ain’t for u, put the MIC DOWN, OKAY? 'You playin the wrong sport' u know that’s HOW BONES BREAK (uhn) Punchlines..see my HANDS COME WITH TRAUMA/ You’ll see the morgue 'or the docs' (orthodox) like the STANCE OF A BOXER, when I LAND SOME N DROP YA, u huMAN TO A MONSTER, your punches 'bout as solid' as a FANTA COKE PRODUCT/ I’ll give u this..u may got FANS WHO'S TRUEHEARTED, but gettin jumped only way they’d CHANT AT YOUR CONCERTS

-Isaiah R Moorman aka Kw0n

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Posted on: 2021-05-14 19:35:49 Private Message Kw0n

Flako Boom


Fire drop got it kwon.. experiment with those levels..good shit

Voted: Kw0n: 7 / MecH: 8
Posted on: 2021-05-14 20:28:25 Private Message Flako Boom


Respect Flako. Yeah, I had the beat turned down all the way to 23 and my vocals was at 100 and the beat still overrides the vocals for some reason smh I just need my own spot and a good mic/recording software so I can get it right. I literally recorded this outside on my phone with headphones on and I'm not disappointed at how it came out fr. Good looks tho homie

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Posted on: 2021-05-14 21:05:34 Private Message Kw0n


I'm bout to drown you out, like the beat did to your vocals bro, Rifle with the eagle eye'll keep him in the focal zone. You type wack, I told you leaves those types alone, seeking out those props cuz you cant afford a microphone?? Keep it tucked? Fuck ya, he always keep it tucked. Crew is never drawing heat- Ac's always "freezing up"!Star Playa... like a lot of the O.G.s. You? Lurkin in the back- you aint been spotted on those teams! See ya screen name?.. Only time you liftin O's (KwOn)and he think this shits a game den I'm gonna git the code! Im ownin this shit. Got him scared when i mask up- covid n shit! Ill Cock the hammer while he sleep, now he knows its legit. On his pillow, like zillow- i got holmes wit a click! Slow up, this fool? I'm bout to take his breath away. Told him that he owed me one. Shit was only yesterday. I'm impatient, so I'll put him in "in-patient" Collostamy bag, Clippin a hip placement! Shit face it, the blind drop was a bad move. I'm here, im in the flesh, and now you bout ta get tattooed! I'm hackin ya bank- drunk... Stackin ya shares. I'm off a fifth and an 8th... He got fractional shares! I'm Kiddin him... But that strap 'round my waist'll put him in line like meridian. hate me-but then you sit and vibe like a sybian! He aint me. I'm Baggin up that trash so get rid of him! Your crew pety thiefs, stealing n flippin shit. Mosquito ass niggas im only "feeling a little bit!" Cmon Kwon, You and AG (Aggo)was like besties... begging for the member then you all on his testes! (Crew member) Ya hood knows ya no good but guy won't hear the shit. So ya city gettin Gypt, like Cairo pyramids! (think about it) I'm going psycho, period! Snitch cuts in a dark night like “why so serious!?!” OG? You not as hard or as wise, claimin street but you a street rat- not as refined! Listen, God isnt blind! Your life is not in disguise! You wanna preach but your whole life's a cardinal lie! he Lacks ambition and drive.. He aint obtaining those ever, see?.. he on that "Goal Zero" without sustainable energy!! You were never a friend of me, kwon needin improvement. While we all movin up, kwon schemin ta do shit. I'll "press him wit da muscle", deeper than roots is. Try to flex n Get stretched out and kneeding masseuses!

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Posted on: 2021-05-16 13:06:10 Private Message MecH


Fire dawg

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Posted on: 2021-05-16 14:41:08 Private Message Kw0n


Fire 2 bro- dope battle. Been a while. 2 minutes had me like- whoa! 

Comment Only
Posted on: 2021-05-16 14:56:07 Private Message MecH


Premium Member

Both were awesome. But mech attacked his crew and him at the same time. So the dub goes to mech no h8 to Own though.

Voted: Kw0n: 10 / MecH: 10
Posted on: 2021-05-17 15:21:00 Private Message DifferentChild



really close battle kwon had better floe but mech had harder punches but i slightly edge it to kwon for da flow..fv

Voted: Kw0n: 6 / MecH: 6
Posted on: 2021-05-18 15:26:20 Private Message RapidRhymer

Flako Boom


dope battle..I think this would of been closer than what it was if kwons voice wasn't drowned out by the beat...I have the same problems recording ony phone..what I've learned is drop the beat to about 3 or 4 and readjust the beat volume to preference or turn beat down all the way record it Acapella and adjust beat after words...overall I appreciate the verse you put in the comment box to read as you were rapping..helps out very much..mech..nice flow and punches..I liked your opener.. ending line could of been delivered a bit better fore anyways but doesn't take away from ya pen game...overall one was a bit better and straight forward with the punch count.. Great listen..hope to hear you cats more often on audio..

Voted: Kw0n: 7 / MecH: 8
Posted on: 2021-05-18 15:59:25 Private Message Flako Boom



Voted: Kw0n: 7 / MecH: 6
Posted on: 2021-05-19 06:43:03 Private Message scarizard


You both did good the only thing that really threw me off a bit for kw0n was just the vocals other than that good job I picked mech because I feel he had mor multis and his rhymes sounded smoother.

Voted: Kw0n: 5 / MecH: 6
Posted on: 2021-05-19 08:15:17 Private Message TSKR

Exclusive Member

good battle........................................................................................................................................................................

Voted: Kw0n: 10 / MecH: 9
Posted on: 2021-05-19 11:54:38 Private Message lyricalscience


Fire ya'll! Kw0n rhymes schemes are amazing. Dope battle. Just work on that delivery, other than that those punches were good!

MecH you got some badass delivery and rap voice, but this my opinion overall. Wanna hear more from both of ya. Props!

Voted: Kw0n: 10 / MecH: 8
Posted on: 2021-05-20 05:33:51 Private Message GIGATON


Kwon was hard to follow even with the lyrics.. I liked Mech's flow, delivery and bars better, it was pleasing to hear him on the beat also hence overall I think Mech takes it easily. 💯

Voted: Kw0n: 4 / MecH: 6
Posted on: 2021-05-20 05:57:29 Private Message BrahMos

MIckey macx


Really really good, (btw KwOn I went to this I saw the lyrics and im like, oh hell nah, I aint challeneging thi shit 🤣)

Kw0n: Its hard to hear you because of your mic but this shit went hard. Very well made rap.

MecH: Also really good, tho the raps were straight bars🔥, not as good as Kw0n's 


Voted: Kw0n: 9 / MecH: 8
Posted on: 2021-05-20 14:46:24 Private Message MIckey macx


Gb bro. Coulda went either way tbh

Comment Only
Posted on: 2021-05-20 16:59:57 Private Message Kw0n


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