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lynwood shame vs CasperTheOne
Style: Freestyle Blind Drop
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ContagiousZ vs lynwood shame
Style: Freestyle Blind Drop
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ALL-BOROALL-BORO is on FIRE! 5+ wins in a row! vs Alzie
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ContagiousZ vs BarzookaBarzooka is on FIRE! 5+ wins in a row!
Style: Freestyle
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Style: Written Length: 60 Seconds · Retries: No · Beat: Acapella (or custom) · Produced By: Letsbeef Blind Drop

Student (0%)
Creative Genius
Ranked -- of 142,463 This Month (#18750 All Time)
6.63/10 stars6.63/10 stars6.63/10 stars6.63/10 stars6.63/10 stars6.63/10 stars6.63/10 stars6.63/10 stars6.63/10 stars6.63/10 stars
Crew: The Sore Winners
Reppin: Los Angeles, California, United States
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g u t s (100%) WINNER
Ranked -- of 142,463 This Month (#19807 All Time)
6.99/10 stars6.99/10 stars6.99/10 stars6.99/10 stars6.99/10 stars6.99/10 stars6.99/10 stars6.99/10 stars6.99/10 stars6.99/10 stars
Crew: evangelists of annihilation
Reppin: Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States
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Battle started: March 22nd at 00:22
Challenger joined: April 9th at 10:22

Voting has ended for this battle (battle finished on 2019-04-09 10:22:00).


Creative Genius

Good battle guts

Verse & Expo: Student, LBA, Sore Winners, let’s get it..ayo Fuck his LIES N' TRICKS I'll Outclass this bitch to show y'all where STUDENT'S FROM (My Reppin: used to be The Classroom) I'm Projected To Put Up Big Numbers so when the "NINE" GET CLICKED I’ll win but for him? it'll BE SOO-LONG (9=gun/rating, So Long=goodbye) it's Ironic he's Old School but he doesn't belong, can’t quite seem to Set It Off like watching a WILD WEST FLICK w/a FUSION BOMB (He's been here since 09', Set It Off=start something) so just sit back and watch Student Conquer Guts like asking the FLYEST CHICK TO THE PROM! (Guts=Slang for courage) and it goes on & on like that JOURNEY SONG OR TAIO CRUZ'S DYNAMITE (Don't Stop Believin' & both songs have "and it goes on & on" in their lyrics) either way the WORDS HIT STRONG to blow up ya house up at night cause we know THAT YOUR FUSE IS smaller then your PILOT LIGHT!! (Doesn't take a lot to make him angry lol, Pilot Light=Small flame underneath a burner) and where's Captain Gutpunch? he had some IDEAS AND AMBITION but soon as he got Green, He Stopped That Shit like diARRHIA w/a BAG MISSING!! (Captain Gutpunch is his old username, Had a bunch of ideas before but hasn't done much since (No offense guts lol this is Battle Rap) Green=Moderator) speaking of bags this was an essential one like keeping TORTILLAS ina SPANISH KITCHEN!! (Tortillas come in bags) so watch this Pupil attack ya Corny-Ah cause you LACK VISION! (Pupil=Hole in eye that takes in light/Student, Cornea=Outer layer of an eye, Corny=lame/uncool, Lack Vision=not focused)

Posted on: 2019-04-09 15:25:35 Private Message Student

Rookie Champion

I liked this shit boys. Props to both and great to see a fresh match up audio wise. For me I got guts taking it with a little bit smoother flow and more mic precense though I enjoyed stus delivery in parts. Felt guts also had a few better bars like the Parkland shit and menudo line. Good battle guys. 

Posted on: 2019-04-10 16:04:41 Private Message Edgeworth

Grand Champion
Winter Text Champion
2x Concept Champion
2x Scheme Champion
Custom Beat Champion
Tag Team Champion

Pretty decent battle here. Feel like g u t s edged this one with the bowl of menudo line, felt that was pretty slick. Rest of it was sorta average near your normal level of bars. Student I liked the ideas you brought to the table, but I felt the execution sorta lacked on them. Liked the prom punch, felt that was your best one. Feel g u t s edged delivery here slightly, as well.

Posted on: 2019-04-10 18:58:15 Private Message Rieper



student i gave not bad because i dont know couldnt hear. so guts i gave the win. its soley based on that but it does earn it

Voted: Student: 5 / g u t s: 6
Posted on: 2019-04-09 11:30:58 Private Message CasperTheOne

close one, had to listen a few times, gb

Voted: Student: 7 / g u t s: 7
Posted on: 2019-04-09 11:50:52 Private Message ContagiousZ

STUDENT BOMBED,his verse kinda sketchy his mic was fuzzy made his verse less of a verse,g u t s his also bombed,bombarded his verse  useing raps

Voted: Student: 5 / g u t s: 7
Posted on: 2019-04-09 11:53:56 Private Message JayDiamondScarFace

Fair fight

Voted: Student: 7 / g u t s: 7
Posted on: 2019-04-09 16:48:16 Private Message BlackFire911

Tortilla line was fire hahaha!

be back for the wrap up.

Comment Only
Posted on: 2019-04-09 20:01:30 Private Message Mech

really tough. good battle. guts was louder and i heard him better

Voted: Student: 6 / g u t s: 7
Posted on: 2019-04-10 01:34:03 Private Message Savage One Liner

Decent verses fellas, but honestly heard better from both. Stu you had some dope bars, the guts nameplay was on point and wasn't too played out, I feel delivery was your only downfall there were times where it sounded like you were reading, and the pauses throughout didn't help w/ that, overall a pretty good drop. Guts your delivery started out strong but felt you lost steam toward the end, some dope bars too, some went over the head so I had to listen twice to catch em, I fucked w/ the bowl of menudo line, good verse overall. Idk man this could go either way I feel student had more lines that stood out but guts had a stronger delivery and both play major parts in audio, after a few listens I got guts taking this, good battle. 

Voted: Student: 7 / g u t s: 7
Posted on: 2019-04-10 03:44:32 Private Message Kompz

Yo this battle is ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ’ฏ! You stuey man you impressed here sir not cuz we on the same team but cuz of what you said that fusion bomb line is heavy but that "ya fuse is smaller than ya pilot light" Line is eccentric! Loved it Guts had a dope drop too That "bullet wit ya name on it is how you have ya name in red" line was nice both had good presence, cadence flow, and content and put on a great show for the site thank you both for the hard work it doesn't go unnoticed RESPECT its GLOATS! 

Comment Only
Posted on: 2019-04-10 07:04:12 Private Message ALL-BORO


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