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  2020 Audio Spring Throwdown
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Skilly da Kidd vs 03Killa03
Style: Written
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Bnas vs OG 187
Style: Freestyle Blind Drop
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Skilly da Kidd vs KDOTCARTER
Style: Written
2 Votes 3.125 stars3.125 stars3.125 stars3.125 stars3.125 stars
Amikay vs Skilly da Kidd
Style: Freestyle
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Amikay vs DifferentChild
Style: Freestyle
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Amikay vs SynicTWS
Style: Freestyle
2 Votes 2.875 stars2.875 stars2.875 stars2.875 stars2.875 stars

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Audio Ranked Battle
Style: Written Length: 60 Seconds · Retries: No · Beat: Acapella (or custom) · By: LetsBeef Blind Drop


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Reppin: Unknown
Aggo is on FIRE! 5+ wins in a row!Aggo (100%) WINNER
One Bar Champion
Tag Team Champion

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7.68/10 stars7.68/10 stars7.68/10 stars7.68/10 stars7.68/10 stars7.68/10 stars7.68/10 stars7.68/10 stars7.68/10 stars7.68/10 stars
Reppin: Rochester, New York, United States

Blind Drop Battle
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Battle started: November 4th 2018 at 14:05
Challenger joined: November 4th 2018 at 18:49

Voting has ended for this battle (battle finished on 2018-11-04 15:49:41).

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  Staff Comments
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So this is sort of a weird one but I have Mech taking this . Mech was silk smooth for the majority of his verse but lacked impactful lines for the most part that would've made this more decisive in his favor if he had them . Just try to incorporate more punchlines from here on out . Aggo had more punches but wasn't nearly as clean as Mech was in when it came to rhyming and that hurt the impact of the punches he did have . 

Posted on: 2018-11-05 20:44:25 Private Message Lockhart

  Member Comments
One Bar Champion
Tag Team Champion

Fair Voters Club

You'll get stuck for flip floppingand I'm not MAKIN HEADS OR TAILS you distract us from your absence of rap sence AND IT NEVER FAILSfollowing your train of thought long after it LEFT THE RAILSand cant get back to the point if you were LAYING ON A BED OF NAILS!This is fight or flight and I'm imPRESSED WITH YA WINGSPAN but You play the hand your dealt so you BETTER GO IN FAM you can bluff bout bein tough but howEVER THOSE CHIPS LAND You boxing or sparrin is not in the cards you overconfident player, you NEVER THROW IN HANDS! This dude just FOLLOWS, HIS MINDS GONE while I was clued into new trends you were COPYIN KINDA, so when I was doin a full cleanse you were SWALLOWIN TIDE PODS! You ain't comfortable with da feet like you GOT SOCKS DAMP but couldnt rock the box and get it jumpin as a HOP SCOTCH CHAMP! Got that long stroke when I THRUST INSIDE YA BITCHES CHEST the titties spread out it's like I BUTTERFLIED A CHICKEN BREAST and her pussy smells like ass but her BUTT IS NICE AND MINTY FRESH so shes fowl in the wrong place like a DUCK INSIDE A PIGEON NEST!

Comment Only
Posted on: 2018-11-04 15:53:49 Private Message Aggo

Concept Champion
Rookie Champion
One Bar Champion

Fair Voters Club

Hmmmmm I listened twice, I’ll have to be back for this one.

Voted: Aggo: 7 / :
Posted on: 2018-11-04 17:57:25 Private Message Edgeworth

ToniC 801

mech had more style

aggo had good concepts but just didnt hit hard

fv in

Voted: Aggo: 8 / :
Posted on: 2018-11-04 18:38:18 Private Message ToniC 801

Concept Champion
Rookie Champion
One Bar Champion

Fair Voters Club

Felt it was close but Mech took it. Aggo has some funny shit and some creative shit but was just one or two lines too heavy in the “da feet” style lines department. Mech had a nasty flow and was a bit more consistent throughout despite starting slow. I just think Mech sounded a bit cleaner while bringing solid lines. Think his closer was fire and the highlight of the battle.

Voted: Aggo: 7 / :
Posted on: 2018-11-05 09:52:39 Private Message Edgeworth

Live Battler

One had a nice flow, multi's were smooth with a nice cadence. Punches were decent. Nothing overly heavy handed.... Other emcee flow wasn't as good, kinda choppy in spots and lost me with the Multi's a few times. But his punches hit harder in my opinion... Tough call, pretty evenly matched. But I'm gonna go with the guy who's verse was more pleasant to the ears since this is an AUDIO battle... Salute to both Voted: Aggo: 7 / :
Posted on: 2018-11-05 14:12:29 Private Message ELOH STACKz


Tbh I enjoyed Aggo's quite a bit more.. better punches and a more enjoyable rythym. Fairs in!

Voted: Aggo: 7 / :
Posted on: 2018-11-05 14:40:36 Private Message Erk


One just had better punches and Multies. Fair one in.

Voted: Aggo: 8 / :
Posted on: 2018-11-05 17:43:24 Private Message JWall


Lol.  Good battle,  fairs in tho.  

Voted: Aggo: 7 / :
Posted on: 2018-11-05 18:46:32 Private Message Skizzo


Yeo. I was gonna be cool and shit and just say "lol", but since you had to come with that passive aggressive bullshit in chat.  Let me tell you,  in GREAT detail,  why you lost. You see, as I sat here, calmly scrolling through, I happened to have come across this battle,  and decided to GRACE your pathetic and meaningless existence with my extremely limited attention span. (Which,  youre welcome for, btw.) upon doing so, I decided to click play on the audio you posted above. In my ignorance,  I was even, albeit unknowingly, anticipating the horrible fate which was about to befall me because my ears were immediately rewarded with a screeching batlike squeel sounding voice, at frequencies even high enough to cause my dog to panic and race out of the area immediately. "YOURE SHUSHPITHIS WITH SHRAPS".. This childlike demon from the netherworld exclaimed.  Confusion,  anger, and immediate regret..  filled my flailing body as I panicked and hurridely attempted to silence this foul unearthly being I have now unleashed into the airwaves of this universe... But it was too late. For almost five full seconds, the sounds which haunt the deepest halls of hell rang proudly throughout my entire bedroom before I managed to silence this foul creature of the depths with the "pause" button. As I sat back, I let out a deep sigh as intense relief soon filled my emotions. And I was later,  able to skip ahead and listen to Aggos verse and enjoy the rest of my time here. Fuck a breakdown of a vote. I am simply here to say,  you sir,  should be charged with a crime and made to suffer the most dire consequences letsbeef has to offer. Your prepubescent voice mixed with your irritating lisp has assaulted my ears for the last time. Letsbeef should post a hazardous materials label on this thread to ward off any potential of innocent civilians being made to endure the punishment of listening to your voice. I am both enraged and startled at the fact that you actually got emotional and had the audacity to record and submit this with a straight face. You sir,  should be ashamed of yourself. That is all. Fuck you.  



Voted: Aggo: 7 / :
Posted on: 2018-11-05 20:15:39 Private Message Skizzo


This is mega close! Mech had those Multies going hard with a few nice hits but a lot of filler in my opinion, flow was nice an I like the style changes. Aggo I didn’t like the use of the defeat da feet in it but I’m not gonna let that take anything away as the real punch following that was nice. Again the flow an Multies are hard as fuck so it’s just down to what I preferred personally. My votes in this could go either way for sure!!

Voted: Aggo: 8 / :
Posted on: 2018-11-06 13:16:07 Private Message Nerdism

KG The Prince

Think Aggo gets this one. He kept the shit in his bars relevant and his flips were witty and had a comedic edge in places too. Felt the punches landed with sting, delivery wasn't as good as Mech's. But the flow was alright, quite a smooth verse.

Mech, your delivery was better but I felt you didn't set your punches up as well as Aggo did, in some bars the punch hit hard cos you executed it nicely, but in others I felt like you didn't focus as much on the punch itself as you did the flow, verse was smooth but you had some hits and misses.

Close, I got Aggo edging this one out by a little margin.

Voted: Aggo: 8 / :
Posted on: 2018-11-06 13:24:35 Private Message KG The Prince


Mech u was funny homie but i felt agg hit harder wit tha punches snd brought more creativity to the table. Fairz in

Voted: Aggo: 6 / :
Posted on: 2018-11-06 23:02:30 Private Message trippy


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