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Vote on this battle! joker8878 vs Evil Twin
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Acid Acid.
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on the up and coming Crazed & Refused album......Coming 2013....Beat by DJ MAS MAJISHUN.......non-exclusive beats $20.00 exclusive beats $80.00 contact DJ MAS MAJISHUN for other

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haha word!!! Your trip sounded fun!!! Good shit!!
Posted By: Next Level ~R I P~ - 2011-09-25

beat got me bobbin me head...hook a lil repetetive..but catchy
Posted By: KRAZY-V - 2011-09-27

good shit famo keep grindin
Posted By: HoT LiKe WhuT WhuT - 2012-03-22

Next Level ~R I P~: 10
HoT LiKe WhuT WhuT: 10

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