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2.78/5 stars2.78/5 stars2.78/5 stars2.78/5 stars2.78/5 stars
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Pe6oGuzara's Emcee

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Pe6oGuzara's Latest Audio Battles
1.75 stars1.75 stars1.75 stars1.75 stars1.75 stars
Lil Solian vs Pe6oGuzara
Beat: Take Cover
Produced By: LetsBeef.com
3 stars3 stars3 stars3 stars3 stars
Gotti Boy vs Pe6oGuzara
Beat: Rollin
Produced By: Monstah Productions
1.9166666666667 stars1.9166666666667 stars1.9166666666667 stars1.9166666666667 stars1.9166666666667 stars
blockstoppa vs Pe6oGuzara
Beat: Servin Music
Produced By: JMack
2.25 stars2.25 stars2.25 stars2.25 stars2.25 stars
Pe6oGuzara vs geefive
Beat: Combat
Produced By: DJ Mavrikk
2.7083333333333 stars2.7083333333333 stars2.7083333333333 stars2.7083333333333 stars2.7083333333333 stars
Pe6oGuzara vs emceeREX
Beat: Bust Back
Produced By: Beats a Million

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Pe6oGuzara's Latest Text Battles
2.219275 stars2.219275 stars2.219275 stars2.219275 stars2.219275 stars
e_mack vs Pe6oGuzara
8 Lines (4 Bars)
2.1388888888889 stars2.1388888888889 stars2.1388888888889 stars2.1388888888889 stars2.1388888888889 stars
e_mack vs Pe6oGuzara
8 Lines (4 Bars)
1.7777777777778 stars1.7777777777778 stars1.7777777777778 stars1.7777777777778 stars1.7777777777778 stars
Rubberchix vs Pe6oGuzara
16 Lines (8 Bars)
1.65625 stars1.65625 stars1.65625 stars1.65625 stars1.65625 stars
Pe6oGuzara vs AlreadyKnow
16 Lines (8 Bars)
3.9382 stars3.9382 stars3.9382 stars3.9382 stars3.9382 stars
ladyycatkiss vs Pe6oGuzara
16 Lines (8 Bars)
No Rating YetNo Rating YetNo Rating YetNo Rating YetNo Rating Yet
Pe6oGuzara vs Zebulun
16 Lines (8 Bars)

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Sex: Male
Reppin: Sofia, Sofiya, Bulgaria
Last Online: 10-11-2013 07:34 AM Offline

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Basic League
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4.34/10 stars4.34/10 stars4.34/10 stars4.34/10 stars4.34/10 stars4.34/10 stars4.34/10 stars4.34/10 stars4.34/10 stars4.34/10 stars
Points: 274 (50%)
21 Won / 21 Lost

Ranked #-- This Month
Ranked #2032 All Time
4.34/10 stars4.34/10 stars4.34/10 stars4.34/10 stars4.34/10 stars4.86/10 stars4.86/10 stars4.86/10 stars4.86/10 stars4.86/10 stars
Points: 150 (50%)
6 Won / 6 Lost

About Pe6oGuzara
Im back but without a mic but thats allright cuz im still gonna cap yo ass in a rap fight

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