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2FUEL <TheDons>
3.67/5 stars3.67/5 stars3.67/5 stars3.67/5 stars3.67/5 stars
Vote on this battle! Shiznit vs ZeOn

  Length: 32 Lines

"JASON (RE-INCARNATION) Untaken and Overlooked Greatness"

MaCc Da GODzilla
~They Hate Us GODS~

MaCc Da GODzilla


Voting closes soon! Last chance to vote!
Vote Closes: 2012.02.25 - 01:55 EST

You are not allowed to vote on your own crew member's battle.



Posted on: 2012-03-25 01:39:30 Private Message Dirty Work



nice guy!

Posted on: 2012-02-22 02:27:21 Challenge MiZ-jEzYkA Private Message MiZ-jEzYkA

Pretty good man...

Posted on: 2012-02-23 22:50:36 Challenge Zaraki Kenpachi Private Message Zaraki Kenpachi

Dude....all hate aside...jason is 20X better than u....real talk. No h8

Posted on: 2012-03-16 01:51:58 Challenge 3V1L Private Message 3V1L


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