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Vote on this battle! Snakjon vs Bnas

Style: Written Length: 120 Seconds · Retries: No · Beat: · Produced By:

""note pad raps""

Da Freestyle Enterprize

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Vote Closes: 2011.04.28 - 01:31 EST

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Posted on: 2010-11-27 11:13:09 Challenge Roger_Rappit Private Message Roger_Rappit


Posted on: 2011-04-27 00:46:46 Challenge Rem Matic Private Message Rem Matic

pretty nice. respect

Posted on: 2011-05-11 21:21:07 Challenge Ṷἢᶁệṝ₲ṟѧҫҿ™ Private Message Ṷἢᶁệṝ₲ṟѧҫҿ™

nice shit, swagged out

Posted on: 2011-05-24 09:12:52 Challenge Wigsplit Private Message Wigsplit it fam

Posted on: 2011-05-26 13:07:26 Challenge -Wordy Private Message -Wordy

nice drop man. Where is the 100 rate button thing...

Posted on: 2011-05-27 22:17:57 Challenge -Dimez- Private Message -Dimez-


Posted on: 2011-06-02 17:59:46 Challenge Lil Twin Myers Private Message Lil Twin Myers

dymes check my lastest audio homie

Posted on: 2011-06-09 16:34:29 Challenge MOE803 Private Message MOE803

good shit man, respects MP

Posted on: 2011-06-25 03:11:25 Challenge MisterP Private Message MisterP

hot cyhper, 10, ez

Posted on: 2011-07-03 23:58:08 Challenge B - NAS Private Message B - NAS

felt it hard...nice track. dimed.

Posted on: 2011-07-11 14:13:43 Challenge de·ci·pher Private Message de·ci·pher


Posted on: 2011-07-11 23:03:26 Challenge KING KILLA Private Message KING KILLA


Posted on: 2012-03-20 10:16:21 Challenge HoT LiKe WhuT WhuT Private Message HoT LiKe WhuT WhuT


Posted on: 2012-07-06 19:45:54 Challenge kuniiii1 Private Message kuniiii1

Not bD

Posted on: 2012-07-17 18:14:58 Challenge CleevesDaKid Private Message CleevesDaKid


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